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Monday, October 11, 2010

Average logical puzzle

Four angels sat on the Christmas tree amidst other ornaments. Two had blue halos (imaginary ring above head of angels) and two – yellow. However, none of them could see above his head. Angel A sat on the top branch and could see the angels B and C, who sat below him. Angel B, could see angel C who sat on the lower branch. And angel D stood at the base of the tree obscured from view by a thicket of branches, so no one could see him and he could not see anyone either.
Which one of them could be the first to guess the color of his halo and speak it out loud for all other angels to hear?

Answers are expected as comments


  1. Assuming that all angels know that two of them have blue and the two have yellow...
    If B & C have the same colour, then angel A would be the first to know his own colour.
    Otherwise, A would be silent and then B will know that he has a different colour than C and therefore he'll know his own.

  2. its our kattappuka again. ha ha.congrats syam