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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simple puzzle

The doors of a working refrigerator in a closed room, is accidently kept open one day. 
a) Will there be any change in room temperature after some time? Why? 
b) Will there be any change in room temperature, if the refrigerator was an ideal one?

Answers are expected as comments


  1. a) Yes. The temperature will increase. The refrigerator would waste quite of lot of energy as additional heat.

    b) What do you mean by 'ideal'?
    A refrigerator has to transfer heat from a cooler place to a warmer place. By the second law of thermodynamics, this is not possible without spending some additional work. This extra work will again appear as extra heat. So the temperature will have to rise (unless of course that work is somehow spent on doing something else).

  2. Exactly Syam. Its it. By ideal I meant, efficiency 100%. As u said, all ideal devices exists theoretically only.

  3. To my opinion

    The temperature will naturally drop since the refrigerator continues to do its cooling work even when the door is open. well i think modern refrigerators shut down their compressor when the door is open to save energy.

    Well if thats not the case lets say the temperature will drop in the room if the room is air-tight. However the refrigerator's exteriors will heat up to compensate for the drop in temperature I mentioned above. So as far as my human reasoning goes - which excludes the word thermodynamics, I don't expect a change in temperature.

    I personally adhere to my first reason, however.

    NB: dey i'm not using blogger. pinne venonkil visit melvinthannickal.wordpress.com. Athu kaliya..onnum illa

  4. no melvin. Scientifically temperature increases as Syam said.

  5. DKD, it depends, I can state u r wrong !!!