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Saturday, February 20, 2010

My name is Khan - Movie review

                                        I started for the movie with great expectations because of the Sharukh-Kajol combination and Karan Johar's direction. I liked all the earlier movies of the team, particularly of Sharukh and Kajol pair. In fact as the name says the film discusses the problems faced by muslims in western world and in particular, US durind post 9/11 period.The hero is having a problem termed as autism which is due to disordered neural development and its main symptoms are backwardness in social interaction and communication. In fact they will be outstanding in some activities. In the film hero is awsum in handling mechanical integration works. One of my cousins also has autism and because of that I know these things. In fact our A. R. Rehman is also having some sort of autism as per an interview with actor Rehman who is a relative of A.R. Rehman.

                   The story: From childhood onwards hero exhibits clear symbols of autism. So he was given more concentration by his mother than his younger brother and this rather leads to a mental separation between the two. His brother was good at studies and he goes to the States for studies and gets settled there. He sponsors his family and that is how hero reaches US. By that time his mother was no more and he only reaches US. He was given a temporary job of marketing, by his brother and on the way he gets in touch with Kajol who was already divorced and was having a child. She plays a Hindu character. Both finds some kind of attachment each other and in course of time fell in love and gets married. Then came the 9/11. Her child was murdered only because he was a muslim. This creats a seperation between them and she asks him, due to sudden grief, to meet the President and the people of US and tell that he was not a terrorist. Hearing this he starts the journey to meet the President. He was arrested suspecting of being a terrorist, and finally gets liberated due to the timely action of 2 press apprentices. By the time hurricane strikes Virginia, where he was knowing a black family in personal. He starts to find the family there. He finds them inside a church which was seperated from outside world by water and started helping them. Meanwhile the press apprentices who was following him reveals the rare incident to outside world. "My name is ___ and I am not a terrorist" popularised like a slogan in US and started inspiring the people. When Obama becomes the president, he gets a chance to meet. Meanwhile his sons' murderers were brought to justice and Kajol became very sad of what she did and accepts him back.

                   Analysis: On thinking I can say that the combination scenes between Sharukh and kajol was brilliant enough to invoke a good response. The movie goes in a good pace during the first half. Some sentences like "there are no hindus and muslims, but only good people and bad people" are thought worthy in the present day to day life. In my opinion the acting of Shah rukh can be some more better to suit a autistic patient although it was good. But I think the end is somewhat superstitious because again and again he became star, rescues people from church of georgia, and meets the president. Though these are not impossible, this might be planned for suiting the film. The hardships of innocent muslims are portraited very well. His action against terrorists which results in his own harships later should invoke a thought in detail. While analysing the audience around me, I think most of them have enjoyed it well. I would like to give a "good" rating for the film.

                  Some thoughts:Since the hardships of innocent muslims are portraited well everywhere, the muslim leaders must understand that terrorism is weakening above all, there religion itself. The increased protests across the world is due to the unethical act of few. They themselves should preach their disciples about the value of peace and interdependency. Now the world scenario is changing very fast against them. Switzerland has passed a law that abolishes further construction of Minaras in country.France is thinking for a law that abolishes burqua. In a recent survey, majority of the British dont want a mosque in their near premises. People with muslim names are detained so frequently and are monitored continuously in US. The religious leaders must understand the issue and act in high time, before more and more countries shed their secularistic hitory. It is the innocents who are punished by the terrible act of few.



  1. Hmm.. You shouldn't post the whole story in a review. It spoils the fun for your readers who haven;t watched the movie.

  2. ok shyam thanks for the valuable comments. I will do it in next blog

  3. From which site did you copy the review :p