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Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Logical Puzzle

The Grand Master takes a set of 8 stamps, 4 red and 4 green, known to the logicians namely A, B, and C and loosely affixes two to the forehead of each logician so that each logician can see all the other stamps except those 2 in the Grand Master's pocket and the two on his own forehead. He asks them in turn if they know the colors of their own stamps:
A: "No."
B: "No."
C: "No."
A: "No."
B: "Yes."
What color stamps does B have? How? 

Answers are expected as comments


  1. Ans : red and green

    L1,L2,L3--> logicians and GM--> grand master

    Consider 1st both stamps on the forehead are same color.Then two L say L1 and L2(RED) have same color and other,L3 and GM have other color.In dat case L3 can see that only Green is remaining.In dat case he can say the answer in the first round

    Consider one L2 have both colors and L1 RED and L3 Green.In the first round L2 he cant say any this.But he can know that if he has both RED L1
    will answer and if both Green L3 will answer.ie in the above case the L having different color can answer in the second round

  2. That is correct cyril. Congrats da