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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Puzzle

There are 3 priests and 3 devils on one side of a river and all of them wants to go to the other side. There is one boat, for which atleast one is required for rowing. If at any time, the no. of devils at any side is more than the no. of priests at the corresponding side, then devils will kill the priests there. Max. number of persons allowed in boat is 2. After each travel in boat everybody in the boat should get down at corresponding side. How everybody can reach the other side safely?

Answers are expected as comments


  1. Priest-->P Devil---->D
    1:PPP DDD------->
    2:PPP D--->DD
    3:PPP DD<-------D
    4:PPP -------> DDD
    5:PPP D<-------DD
    6:P D-------> DD PP
    7:PP DD<-------P D
    8: DD-------> D PPP
    10:D-------> DD PPP
    11:DD<-------PPP D
    12:------->PPP DDD